All you need to know about Hood Cleaning


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Commercial hood cleaning is the process of removing grease and other contaminants from commercial kitchen exhaust systems. These systems hang above commercial stoves and ovens to collect grease and smoke during cooking. Commercial hoods can become blocked if not cleaned regularly and lead to many problems.

Restaurant owners and their teams often experience confusion and uncertainty regarding commercial hood systems, and it’s completely normal. Don’t panic; we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll navigate through the 6 most commonly asked questions about hood systems so that commercial kitchen proprietors can more comprehensively understand their kitchens. Keep reading!

5 Hood System Cleaning FAQs

What Is Commercial Hood Filter Cleaning?

Commercial hood filter cleaning is the process of removing grease and other contaminants from commercial kitchen exhaust systems. This will help keep these important systems functioning properly and efficiently for commercial kitchen owners and operators.

What Does Commercial Hood Cleaning Involve?

Investing in an experienced, certified hood cleaning team guarantees optimal performance of your system. From a full deep clean to completing necessary repairs and replacements as needed, they will provide tangible documentation that validates the condition of all components: rooftop access panels cleaned, equipment line cleared, fan parts lubricated, and belts replaced.

How Often Should Commercial Kitchen Hoods Be Cleaned?

Every kitchen has different needs when it comes to hood cleaning. Restaurants using solid fuel cooking operations should have monthly hood filter cleaning; for restaurants with high-volume charbroiling or wok kitchens, quarterly cleaning are a must; and moderately busy restaurants can have semi-annual checkups while low-volume seasonal businesses like senior living homes, churches, and day camps may only need yearly restaurant cleaning services.

What Risks Come With Non-Regular Hood Cleaning?

Neglecting professional hood cleanings can be a major hazard; from fires to poor air quality, you could put everything at risk – including dropping insurance coverage or, worse yet, temporary closure. With constant commercial hood cleaning services, you’ll ensure that commercial kitchen exhaust systems are free from hazardous grease and smoke buildup.

What Equipment Is Required For My Exhaust Hood System To Comply With NFPA 96 Standards?

Kitchen owners, don’t let code violations slow you down. Investing in the required rooftop access panels for each exhaust fan and hinge kit will ensure direct access to maintain and clean your fans, reducing wear and tear on belts and bearings while keeping up with NFPA 96 requirements.

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So if you’re looking for the best restaurant cleaning services at Extreme Cleaning, to provide you with the most efficient clean possible, we utilize cutting-edge equipment and up-to-date products, so you can trust that your commercial kitchen will remain healthy and compliant with all industry regulations.