The Importance of Campus Cleanliness for Students

College campuses host a constant influx of people, from students and instructors to guests and speakers. A consistent cleaning regimen is essential to create a welcoming and secure environment for all campus visitors. A clean campus speaks volumes about an institution. It reflects care for its surroundings, resources, and the welfare of students and staff. […]

Identifying Warning Signs Of An Unclean Kitchen Exhaust Hood

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A kitchen exhaust hood is essential to maintaining a safe, healthy, and sanitary commercial kitchen. Unclean hood filters can lead to a variety of problems, like poor indoor air quality, bacterial growth, and even the risk of fire. Unfortunately, many commercial kitchen owners are unaware of when it’s time for a complete commercial hood cleaning, […]

Unlocking The Advantages Of Keeping A Clean Commercial Kitchen

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Keeping your commercial kitchen clean is essential to ensure a safe and healthy environment, maintain equipment functionality, and enhance food quality. A clean kitchen can also save you money in repair and maintenance costs. For this reason, it is a crucial aspect of kitchen hygiene that must not be overlooked.  A dirty or clogged kitchen […]

Step By Step Guide To Clean Your Exhaust System

Who doesn’t love cooking? Whether you’re a passionate home cook or an aspiring chef, it’s safe to say that having a clean kitchen exhaust system is essential for optimal performance. Without regular cleaning, the grease and oil build-up can decrease your kitchen equipment’s efficiency and cause hazardous smoke and fire risks. That’s why it’s important […]

How Extreme Cleaning Can Make Your Restaurant Save Money

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Picture this, you opened your restaurant’s electricity bill and were shocked to find an excessive amount. Sound familiar? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone in this situation! Thankfully, there are steps you can take so that such a high cost doesn’t become the norm. As a savvy restaurant owner, you want your business to be profitable […]

Your 101 Guide To Cleaning Hood Filters

A gleaming restaurant kitchen with an oven, serving trays underneath, stovetops, exhaust, and dryer vents above.

Understanding the importance of proper hood filter cleaning is essential to maintaining a safe and efficient commercial kitchen. Hood filters are the first line of defense against smoke, grease, and other dangerous fumes, making them an integral part of any restaurant operation. Unfortunately, many commercial kitchen owners struggle with cleaning their hood filters correctly or […]

4 Key Practices For Optimal Maintenance Of Your Hood System

A gleaming restaurant kitchen with an oven, serving trays underneath, stovetops, exhaust, and dryer vents above.

Owning a commercial kitchen is a big responsibility, not only because of the food you serve but also because of maintaining a safe environment. Commercial hood cleaning is one of the best ways to keep your restaurant’s kitchen in top condition. Your hood system works hard to keep your kitchen free from smoke and heat, […]

An All-Inclusive Tutorial To Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust System

Owning and operating a restaurant comes with its own unique set of responsibilities. Taking care of your kitchen exhaust system is one of these tasks that must be done regularly to ensure the safety and comfort of guests and employees and overall health code compliance. But not being equipped with the right knowledge can make […]

Best Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services In Minnesota

Commercial kitchen cleaning is the process of ensuring the cleanliness of kitchens. These processes can include kitchen exhaust cleaning and other procedures. Although it’s a legal necessity in many cases, maintaining your kitchen area and equipment clean is essential for protecting your business and your employees and customers. At Extreme Cleaning, we’re a full-service kitchen […]

All you need to know about Hood Cleaning

Commercial hood cleaning is the process of removing grease and other contaminants from commercial kitchen exhaust systems. These systems hang above commercial stoves and ovens to collect grease and smoke during cooking. Commercial hoods can become blocked if not cleaned regularly and lead to many problems. Restaurant owners and their teams often experience confusion and […]