NFPA 96 Compliance: Tips for Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System

Two chefs in white uniforms and tall hats scrubbing kitchen equipment with soap and sponge.

Ensuring code compliance is a vital aspect of running a food business. It’s all about keeping your team, employees, facilities, and customers safe. Following commercial kitchen NFPA 96 standards for your commercial kitchen exhaust system is important. It’s not just about passing inspections and getting permits – it’s about creating a safe working environment.  In this blog […]

The Importance of Campus Cleanliness for Students

College campuses host a constant influx of people, from students and instructors to guests and speakers. A consistent cleaning regimen is essential to create a welcoming and secure environment for all campus visitors. A clean campus speaks volumes about an institution. It reflects care for its surroundings, resources, and the welfare of students and staff. […]