Identifying Warning Signs Of An Unclean Kitchen Exhaust Hood


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A kitchen exhaust hood is essential to maintaining a safe, healthy, and sanitary commercial kitchen. Unclean hood filters can lead to a variety of problems, like poor indoor air quality, bacterial growth, and even the risk of fire.

Unfortunately, many commercial kitchen owners are unaware of when it’s time for a complete commercial hood cleaning, which can lead to an unhealthy and dangerous environment for their staff and customers. But don’t worry, this article aims to help. We will discuss the warning signs to look out for that indicate an unclean kitchen exhaust hood. Continue reading for more!

6 Warning Signs It’s Time For A Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

  1. Visible Grease Buildup 

Visible grease buildup on the hood surface, especially around the edges and corners, is one of the biggest signs. The grease buildup can also be seen in the filters and the ductwork. If left unattended, this buildup can lead to clogs and reduce the efficiency of the exhaust system.

  1. Unpleasant Odors 

Continuous cooking and frying in commercial kitchens lead to a buildup of grease and smoke in the exhaust system, leading to bad odors in the kitchen. A poorly maintained exhaust hood will not filter out odors effectively, leading to a stale or rotten smell in your kitchen, which can impact the health of your staff and customers.

  1. Changes In Your Production

When the filters become clogged, they can decrease air circulation, causing your kitchen appliances and stoves to work overtime. The additional workload leads to an increase in energy costs and a decrease in production efficiency.

  1. Reduced Efficiency

If your exhaust hood is not working as efficiently as it used to, it could be a sign that it’s time for a kitchen hood cleaning. Vaporized grease can accumulate in the ventilation system, clogging filters and causing the system to work harder than intended, significantly reducing its efficiency.

  1. Excess Noise

Noticing unusual noises from your exhaust system is a warning sign that there’s an obstruction in the ventilation system and the hood requires cleaning. A blocked system stresses the motors and fans more, leading to parts failure and increased electricity usage.

  1. Your Kitchen Is Unusually Smoky

Smoke is a common occurrence in any commercial kitchen. However, the exhaust hood is not working as intended. In that case, it will be unable to draw out the smoke, leading to an unusually smoky workplace and poor air quality.

Let Professionals In Kitchen Hood Cleaning Give You A Hand!

An unclean kitchen exhaust hood can result in hefty fines or legal issues, which can have severe financial implications for your business. Plus, facing the challenge of balancing multiple competing priorities while running a restaurant is no easy feat. But you don’t have to go through kitchen hood cleaning alone. 

At Extreme Cleaning, we’re a professional commercial hood cleaning company with many years of experience. As experts, we know that by prioritizing the cleanliness of your kitchen exhaust hood, you can ensure that your staff and customers are safe and your business is running efficiently. 

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