Top 3 Warning Signs Your Hood System Needs Cleaning


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Working in a kitchen can be a hectic job. With the constant cooking, grilling, and frying happening daily, keeping up with maintenance can often fall by the wayside. But how often should a hood system be cleaned? The answer to this question is not always clear, as it can vary depending on the kitchen type and cooking equipment used. 

However, three tell-tale signs indicate it might be time for a hood system cleaning. Let’s get started!

Kitchen Hood Cleaning 101

There are many components to a hood system, including the exhaust fan, ductwork, and filters. These parts work together to remove grease, smoke, and other particles from the air, providing a safer and cleaner kitchen environment. Look closer at the three signs that your hood system needs cleaning:

  1. Visible Buildup & Grease

The first and most obvious sign that it’s time to clean your hood system is visible buildup and grease. Over time, as smoke, steam, and grease are pulled through the ductwork, they can stick to the walls of the ducts and form a thick layer of buildup. 

  1. Increased Smoke & Fumes

Another tell-tale sign that your hood system needs cleaning is increased smoke and fumes in the kitchen. As grease and buildup accumulate, they can obstruct airflow and prevent proper ventilation. This can result in a smokey and unpleasant atmosphere and potential health hazards for workers.

  1. Inefficient Performance

The third sign to watch out for is the inefficient performance of your hood system. If you notice that the exhaust fan is not working as well as it used to or that the filters are becoming clogged with grease and debris, it indicates that a cleaning is needed. Without proper maintenance, the efficiency of your hood system can decrease significantly, leading to potential safety hazards.

Importance Of Regular Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your hood system is crucial for maintaining a clean and safe kitchen and for complying with fire codes and insurance requirements. Neglecting to clean your hood system regularly can result in costly repairs, downtime for your kitchen, and even legal consequences.

Extreme Cleaning Makes Your Kitchen Safety & Compliance A Priority

Every restaurant owner wants to avoid facing the stress of potential fire hazards or fail a health inspection. It can disrupt your business and affect your peace of mind. Worse still, nobody deserves the anxiety of knowing their kitchen might not be up to standard. At Extreme Cleaning, we understand these concerns deeply. That’s why we provide kitchen hood cleaning services that keep your kitchen safe, compliant, and efficient.

Staying on top of your hood system’s cleanliness is not always easy, but it’s essential for the safety and success of your kitchen. By choosing routine commercial hood cleaning, you’re ensuring the well-being of your staff and customers. Schedule your hood cleaning today!