Commercial kitchen system.
Extreme Cleaning is a full-service kitchen exhaust hood Cleaning company in Harrisburg, South Dakota.At Extreme Cleaning, we specialize in providing professional and reliable commercial hood cleaning services to our clients in Harrisburg, South Dakota. Our experienced team is highly trained and compliant with all requirements and standards set by the NFPA (Standard For Ventilation Control And Fire Protection Of Commercial Cooking Operations). These standards provide safety requirements for the commercial kitchen’s design, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance.
We offer a wide range of kitchen hood cleaning services to meet your needs. Our teams are equipped with the most advanced tools and products, allowing us to deliver an incomparable cleaning experience. Choose us for your restaurant cleaning services.

Services We Can Offer You

We understand that keeping your commercial kitchen clean is essential for safe operations. If you’re a restaurant owner, it is necessary to uphold a neat and professional workspace. Some entrepreneurs may decide to do the cleaning themselves, but recruiting a specialist cleaning business can bring tremendous advantages, including time optimization, money savings, and process efficiency in your kitchen.
As a commercial hood cleaning company, we offer various services. Some of those services are Kitchen exhaust cleaning, hood cleaning, and complete kitchen cleaning.

1. Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

We offer comprehensive kitchen exhaust cleaning services for all makes, models, and sizes of commercial kitchen hoods. Our team will clean the interior and exterior surfaces and all filters in your kitchen exhaust system to ensure it works correctly and meets safety standards.

2. Kitchen Hood Cleaning
We also provide professional kitchen hood cleaning services to help you keep your commercial kitchen safe and clean. We will carefully remove grease, grime, and other dirt from the exhaust hoods in your kitchen.

3. Access Panel Installation
Our team is proficient in installing access panels to commercial kitchen hoods. We will ensure the board fits correctly and gets adequately sealed to prevent air leakage.
4. Exhaust Fan Cleaning
Keeping your exhaust fan in excellent condition is crucial for maintaining a safe kitchen environment. Grease and carbon can accumulate on its blades over time, resulting in an increased risk of fire hazards. We can safely clean your exhaust fans and improve their performance.
5. Hood Filter Cleaning
Maintaining clean hood filters is the first step to keeping your kitchen exhaust system in optimal condition. We want to help you with the dirty work so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

6. Full Kitchen Cleaning
Maintaining a spotless kitchen can improve productivity and create a more hygienic work atmosphere for your employees. We offer complete kitchen cleaning services, including scrubbing, degreasing, and sanitizing all surfaces.


Keep Your Business Safe with Extreme Cleaning

Maintaining a safe and hygienic kitchen is essential for your business. At Extreme Cleaning, our experienced team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality commercial hood cleaning services in South Dakota. Our restaurant cleaning services get tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We want to serve you as your go-to partner for all kitchen cleaning services in South Dakota.