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    Running a restaurant or commercial kitchen is no small feat. You've got meals to plan, orders to fill, and a team to manage. The last thing you want is a dirty kitchen hood causing safety issues or health inspection headaches. No one should worry about the potential risks of neglected kitchen hoods, from fire hazards to health violations.

    At Extreme Cleaning, we understand the challenges and stress of managing a commercial kitchen. That's why we're here to take one major concern off your plate by offering top-notch kitchen hood cleaning services in North Dakota and Florida. Learn more about our services!

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    Meet Extreme Cleaning: Your Trusted Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company

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    Kitchen Hood Cleaning

    Our flagship service ensures your kitchen hood is free of grease, grime, and flammable residues. Our kitchen hood cleaning provides a detailed cleaning process that leaves no spot untouched.

    Close-up of a technician's arm in an orange protective uniform and black glove, washing the restaurant kitchen exhaust, which is filled with soap and foam.

    Exhaust System Maintenance

    A well-maintained exhaust system is crucial for the safety and functionality of your kitchen. Our team thoroughly inspects and cleans to ensure your kitchen exhaust works flawlessly.

    The access panel of a kitchen.

    Access Panel Installation

    Access panels are essential for proper maintenance and cleaning of your kitchen hood. Our team can install access panels to make future cleanings quick and easy.

    A recently cleaned exhaust fan.

    Exhaust Fan Cleaning

    The exhaust fan is an essential part of any kitchen hood system and requires regular cleaning to maintain efficiency. Our team has the expertise to handle all exhaust fans and ensure they are adequately cleaned.

    A close-up of hands removing the filter from a hood.

    Hood Filter Cleaning

    Grease buildup on hood filters can pose a severe fire hazard. Our team will remove and clean your hood filters, ensuring they are free of grease or debris.

    Kitchen equipment in a restaurant, gleaming with kitchens, hoods, pots, and buffet serving containers.

    Full Kitchen Cleaning

    In addition to our specialized kitchen hood cleaning services, we also offer full kitchen cleaning services for a complete clean from top to bottom. This includes deep cleaning of all cooking equipment, floors, and walls.

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    Why Choose Extreme Cleaning?

    We take pride in our expertise and commitment to providing exceptional kitchen hood cleaning services. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your commercial kitchen cleaning needs:

    • Timely and reliable service.
    • Advanced cleaning techniques.
    • Compliance with health and safety standards.
    • Improved kitchen efficiency and safety.
    • Peace of mind knowing your kitchen is in good hands.

    Make The Right Choice For Your Kitchen!

    Don’t let a dirty kitchen hood put your business at risk. Trust our team to keep your commercial kitchen clean, safe, and up to code. By choosing Extreme Cleaning, you ensure your kitchen operates at its best. 

    Our commitment to excellence and advanced cleaning techniques make us the ideal kitchen hood cleaning company in North Dakota & Florida for your needs. Contact us today to schedule.

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    We can help you boost the effectiveness of your system, boost the air quality, and also reduce the threat of fires with our detailed hood treatment solutions.

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