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Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company In Tampa, FL: Your Key To A Safe & Spotless Kitchen

When running a restaurant, ensuring your kitchen’s cleanliness and safety should be a top priority. However, the kitchen hood can often be overlooked, leading to potential hazards such as grease buildup and fire risks. We believe no one should have to worry about the safety of their kitchen. 

We understand your situation at Extreme Cleaning, so we offer professional kitchen hood cleaning services in Tampa, FL. Our team will bring back the sparkle and ensure your kitchen hood is functioning. Learn more about our services!

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    Meet Our Advanced Hood Cleaning Services

    We specialize in kitchen hood cleaning services that tackle every inch of grease and dirt. Our team uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your kitchen hood is clean and meets all health and safety regulations. Our services include:

    • Thorough cleaning of the kitchen hood, including the fan and filters.
    • Inspection of the exhaust system to identify any potential issues or hazards.
    • Degreasing and sanitization of all surfaces.
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    Beyond the Hood: More Kitchen Cleaning Services

    We also offer other kitchen cleaning services, such as:


    • Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning
    • Hood Filter Cleaning
    • Full Kitchen Cleaning
    • And access panel installation services

    Our goal is to provide comprehensive services beyond just kitchen hood cleaning. We understand that maintaining a safe and clean kitchen extends to all areas, and we are committed to helping you achieve that.

    Benefits Of Working With Us

    At Extreme Cleaning, we’ll provide the best kitchen hood cleaning services in Tampa, FL. By choosing us, you can expect:


    • A safer and healthier kitchen environment for your staff and customers.
    • Compliance with fire safety regulations and insurance requirements.
    • Extended lifespan of your kitchen equipment by reducing the risk of buildup and malfunction. 
    • Improved air quality in your kitchen, leading to better food quality and taste.
    Professionally cleaned kitchen hood in Tampa, FL

    Make Your Kitchen Safer & Cleaner With Extreme Cleaning

    By partnering with Extreme Cleaning, the leading kitchen hood cleaning company in Tampa, FL, you’re taking a crucial step toward preventing the risks associated with grease buildup. Our commitment to excellence and safety ensures your kitchen looks great and is a safe environment for everyone.

    Let us help you maintain the highest cleanliness and safety standards in your kitchen. Contact us today, and our team will send you a free quote!