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Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services In North Dakota & Florida

If you’re a commercial kitchen owner, you know how important it is to keep your kitchen looking its best. But one common area that is often overlooked is the hoods. Kitchen hoods accumulate grease, dirt, and particles that need to be cleaned regularly. Neglecting these systems can lead to fires and other hazards.

At Extreme Cleaning, we’re commercial hood cleaning professionals that understand the importance of a properly functioning and safe kitchen hood system. We have been providing services to various commercial kitchens for many years. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled in the industry. Let our experts in exhaust kitchen cleaning give you a hand and keep your kitchen safe!

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    Hiring inexperienced kitchen hood cleaning technicians can lead to several consequences, such as incomplete cleaning, poor services, and potential hazards. At Extreme Cleaning, our top priority is to help you keep your staff and investment safe. Here are 5 reasons to trust our experts:

    1. We use the latest technologies and products for superior exhaust kitchen cleaning.
    2. Certified and experienced technicians ensure quality service.
    3. Free estimates are provided for our competitively priced services.
    4. Diverse services are offered, including hood and duct cleaning, repair, fan repair, fire suppression system servicing, and more.
    5. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by meeting all applicable codes. We apply the best industry practices and standards.

    We Apply Simple & Effective Kitchen Hood Cleaning Processes

    We strive to be the #1 solution when it comes to commercial hood cleaning, so our carefully designed systems and processes guarantee quality:

    1. Preparation

    First, we ensure all systems and equipment are turned off; this reduces the risk of fire and other hazards while cleaning. Next, our technician covers the cooking area with protective materials to prevent any cleaning solution or debris from contaminating food or surfaces.

    2. Cleaning

    Our technician then removes the filters from the exhaust hood and cleans them thoroughly using specialized cleaning solutions and equipment. They also clean the hood and other system components, such as the ductwork and fans. We use the right cleaning solution for each surface and part to ensure that all grease and debris are removed.

    3. Post-Cleaning Inspection

    After cleaning, our technician inspects the entire exhaust hood kitchen system to ensure that all grease and debris have been completely removed. They check the ductwork, fans, and other parts for any defects or issues that may need repair.

    Trust The Best Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services For Better Results!

    Neglecting an exhaust hood system can lead to bad odors, fire hazards, sagging ceilings, and other serious problems. Don´t take chances with the health and safety of your staff or customers. At Extreme Cleaning, we are certified exhaust kitchen cleaning professionals using the latest products and technologies to provide superior services.

    We understand how overwhelming it can be not to meet all regulations in your area, and that’s why we are here to help. Get unmatchable commercial hood cleaning  in 3 simple steps:

      1. Give us a call or send us a message.
      2. Our experts will provide you with a free quote for any of the required services.
      3. Enjoy peace of mind with a perfectly clean and safe kitchen hood system!
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