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Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company in Palm City, FL

Your commercial kitchen is more than just a place to cook; it is the heart of your business, and we all want to ensure our hearts are well cared for. However, our kitchen might not be as clean as we think. Even if you diligently clean your countertops and floors every day, one area often gets overlooked – the kitchen hood. This can be frustrating but you’re not alone!

At Extreme Cleaning, we understand the importance of delivering top-quality commercial kitchen hood cleaning. A neglected or dirty hood can cause many problems, from health code violations to fire hazards. Our mission has been to protect your business, team, and, most importantly, customers for many years. So you can trust our kitchen hood cleaning in Palm City, FL today!

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    Our Processes Are Simple

    At Extreme Cleaning in Palm City, FL, we employ a comprehensive and meticulous cleaning process to ensure your kitchen remains in pristine condition:

    Cleaning of Hoods

    We utilize top-quality degreasers and hot water pressure washing to remove layers of grease and grime from the hood effectively. Our commercial kitchen hood cleaning ensures that your kitchen hood is not only clean on the surface but also in all crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

    Duct Cleaning

    Our team uses specialized tools to clean the interior of the ducts, eliminating hard-to-reach grease deposits. Your duct system will be left spotless and free of obstructions.

    Filter Enhancement

    We thoroughly clean and degrease filters, enhancing their efficiency and lifespan. Our filter enhancement includes soaking filters in a degreasing solution, power washing them, and reinstalling them once they are dry.

    Fan Cleaning

    We meticulously clean the fan blades and motor to ensure optimal functionality and extend the equipment’s life. Moreover, we also offer fan belt replacement and lubrication services for extra protection.

    With Extreme Cleaning, you can rest assured that your kitchen will receive the attention it needs without causing unnecessary disruptions.

    Why Choose Our Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service

    We understand that time is of the essence in the kitchen industry. That’s why we prioritize efficient and timely service delivery. Some reasons to choose our kitchen hood cleaning service in Palm City, FL, include:

    1. Flexible scheduling options
    2. Minimal disruption to your kitchen operations 
    3. Licensed, insured, and certified technicians
    4. Affordable pricing with no hidden fees
    5. Top-quality cleaning products and equipment
    Kitchen access panel installation

    Hire High-Quality Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services in Palm City!

    A dirty commercial kitchen system is a recipe for disaster; we don’t just mean culinary disasters. Don’t put your business at risk – from safety hazards to health code violations – let Extreme Cleaning handle your issues with reliable kitchen hood cleaning in Palm City!

    You gain a reliable kitchen exhaust hood maintenance partner by working with us. Our owner, Jeremy, has walked in your shoes and understands the little details that matter to you. Also we follow the NFPA-96 standards and offer a certificate of performance after each cleaning. Don’t hesitate! 

    Ready to hire expert kitchen hood cleaning in Palm City, FL? Follow our simple 3-step plan:

    1. Contact us via phone or email or complete the form on our website to let us know your concerns.
    2. Schedule an appointment at a time convenient for you.
    3. Enjoy a safe and spotless kitchen.

    Let’s keep your kitchen pristine today!