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If you have a business to run, then it’s your job to keep your kitchen running smoothly. A big part of that is making sure that it’s efficient and, most of all, safe. North Dakota hood cleaning can help you do just that! Our industry-leading services are the best you’ll find anywhere in our wide coverage area, so you’ll always be in the best possible hands, and your commercial kitchen will be safe for everyone who enters.  

Not only do you need your kitchen to be clean, but you also need it to meet all local, state, and national fire and safety codes. Otherwise, you could find your business completely shut down due to noncompliance. Dakota Hood Cleaning ensures that you are compliant with these standards, whether you need an inspection or a complete exhaust system cleaning! The standards are set for a reason. Giving businesses a guideline for how often their commercial kitchens should be cleaned is only the beginning, though. It’s your job to make sure it’s done on time and correctly.  

Hire a professional company to give yourself the best chance of getting a 100% clean. It is possible, even if some other company tells you it’s not. We have the tools and equipment to remove all the grease buildup from the outside and inside of your kitchen hood and air ducts. Don’t accept anything less than a complete clean no matter which company you choose!  

Our North Dakota hood cleaning includes all of the following services:  

  • Commercial oven cleaning 
  • Grease trap cleaning 
  • Exhaust fan hinge kit installation 
  • Fan access panel installation 
  • Filter replacements 
  • Grease containment system installation and service 
  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning 
  • Kitchen hood cleaning 
  • Kitchen equipment cleaning 
  • Hood vent cleaning 

Each of these services targets a specific area in your kitchen exhaust system. Normally, we would perform more than one of these services at a time; however, if you only need a single service, we can certainly accommodate those needs as well. Dakota Hood Cleaning wants to be your choice for all your North Dakota hood cleaning needs, so we can set up a flexible cleaning schedule that includes routine cleanings based on the NFPA’s recommendations for your establishment, and we can also work in any services you need between regular cleanings.  

There are many benefits to having your hood cleaning done by our professional teams:  

Benefits Of Having Your Kitchen Hoods Professionally Cleaned

Hood cleaning services not only clean out the grease from the ventilation system and hood itself, but it also means that the rest of the kitchen – including the floor and other kitchen equipment – will be much cleaner. You won’t feel a sticky residue on these surfaces, and you won’t smell unpleasant odors that can’t be cleaned away with commercial cleaning products.  

Healthier employees 

You can protect your employees from a host of health problems by keeping your kitchen hoods clean. Not only does the excess grease and smoke make for unfavorable working conditions, but they can also be affected by pollen, bacteria, and other irritants in the air. If these things aren’t cleaned out on a regular basis, you’ll find yourself with recurrent sickness originating in your kitchen due to the recirculated dirty air.  

Higher performance 

Every system in your kitchen benefits from being cleaner, and its performance is a direct result of that. It’s obvious that your kitchen exhaust system will perform better, but you’ll also see a difference in your HVAC system’s efficiency and the performance of your other kitchen equipment.  

We have an experienced, certified staff who can quickly asses your business’s needs and then formulate a cleaning plan that will make your commercial kitchen as clean as possible! These professionals are trained to inspect kitchen hoods and exhaust systems, looking in the areas that are the hardest to see in order to fully clean your kitchen hood and ventilation system. Our team has seen and done it all when it comes to North Dakota hood cleaning, so they can put their experience to work for you from the initial inspection to the final cleanup.  

We can even make repairs and do routine replacements along the way which will extend the life of your exhaust system and save you the cost of major repairs along the way, not to mention the expense of your restaurant getting shut down due to complications with your kitchen hood system. We routinely replace filters and fan belts that cannot be cleaned because we believe in completely resetting the system each time we clean it.  

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    Hood Cleaning

    If you are in need of commercial vent hood cleaning in North Dakota, you have come to the right place! Our hood cleaning services are backed by over a decade of customer satisfaction!

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Your kitchen exhaust system needs to stay clear and functioning to keep your kitchen air quality clean. This requires regularly scheduled cleanings by an accredited cleaning company.

    Access Panel Installation

    We have learned if you can’t visibly see the area your trying to clean, then you can’t properly clean those hard to access areas. That is why access panels are critical for preventing kitchen fires.

    Exhaust Fan Cleaning

    You exhaust fan is a critical part of the kitchen exhaust system. Over time, grease and charcoal, can coat the fan, potentially creating a dangerous fire hazard.

    Hood Filter Cleaning

    Cleaning your hood filters regularly is the first step in keeping a kitchen exhaust system in good shape. Let us do the dirty work, and your entire system will be good as new in no time.

    Full Kitchen Cleaning

    Give your kitchen a new lease on life, and your chef will thank you for it! Having a spotless kitchen increases productivity and keeps a sanitary environment for your staff to work in.