When we own a business, we always look for our business to be better than the competition, and restaurants are not far behind. The appearance of a restaurant is a determining factor in whether or not a customer wants to eat there.

However, cleaning goes far beyond just maintaining a good appearance. By keeping your kitchen equipment clean, processes are optimized, and the quality of your service increases, not to mention that it maintains the establishment’s safety and compliance with the health law. At Extreme Cleaning, we know this better than anyone.

We’re a certified and full-service cleaning company with many years of experience in the industry. Our commercial hood cleaning, exhaust fan, and hood filter cleaning services ensure that your restaurant is always in top condition.


Importance Of A Deep Kitchen Cleaning Process

Maintaining the normal cleaning processes of the restaurant, such as dusting, washing dishes, mopping floors, cleaning the windows, and perfuming the environment, can improve its appearance, help to have more interested visitors, and create an environment of trust between the business client.

However, when customers visit a restaurant, they look at a lot more than just its appearance. And unfortunately, activities like sweeping are not enough to remove grease, smoke, soot, dust, etc. Which are crucial factors in maintaining a healthy environment and complying with sanitation laws.

To eliminate all these dirty agents from the air, it is necessary to keep all kitchen systems clean and in good condition by hiring professional restaurant cleaning services. 

At Extreme Cleaning, with our commercial hood cleaning and hood filter cleaning services, we’ll bring several benefits, including improving air quality, optimizing kitchen production, keeping healthy employees, keeping the kitchen off for free, avoiding fire hazards, and more.

How Do You Know You’re With The Best Company?

At Extreme Cleaning, we’re the most reliable option among Mandan, ND, residents, thanks to our commitment to our work, long-lasting results, and unmatchable customer service. However, many other reasons provide credibility to a company, including:

At Extreme Cleaning, we pride ourselves on having all of these qualities that help us perform the best possible job.

Let Our Experts Solve Your Problems!

At Extreme Cleaning, providing the best possible cleaning service is a must. Our team uses cutting-edge technology and the most recent products to provide you with the greatest commercial hood cleaning service. By working with us, you’ll receive affordable quotes for any of your projects, along with long-lasting results.

Once our restaurant cleaning services are done, your kitchen hoods and exhaust system will be free of grease, smoke, soot, dust, food particles, and allergens. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more info!