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South Dakota Hood Cleaners – Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning does everything possible to help South Dakota business owners keep their commercial kitchens running well. You have a responsibility to your employees and customers to keep the kitchen clean and safe, and our services are geared toward these two goals!

Our coverage area is wide, so your restaurant, hotel, or event center is certainly within our reach. All we need is one call from you, and we can be out within days to perform a complete inspection and take care of your South Dakota hood cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking for a company that can make your kitchen look and smell clean or if your concerns are more centered on making fire and health inspectors happy, Dakota Hood Cleaning is the perfect company for you.

There are specific guidelines for your commercial kitchen cleaning. Your city or region may have certain specifications, and then there’s the NFPA Code 96 which sets forth national standards for every type of commercial kitchens. These codes and standards will protect you from fines and possible closures, but more importantly, they will protect you from the high risk of kitchen fires.

Hiring The Right Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners When You Need South Dakota Hood Cleaning

You should always make sure that the South Dakota hood cleaning company you have chosen is the best money can buy. Of course, that doesn’t mean they should be expensive! It just means that you should be able to get the most from your money. You won’t find a better value than Dakota Hood Cleaning! We provide references or anything else it takes to convince potential customers that our services, our prices, and our customer service are all the highest possible quality for your business.

We have the tools and equipment necessary to give you a professional clean. You may have heard or read that it’s fine to do your own commercial kitchen duct cleaning, but it’s not something that is recommended by industry experts. Our teams are careful to leave your hoods, vents, filters and duct-work undamaged during the entire cleaning process, and we make sure to re-install everything properly when we’re finished.

South Dakota Hood Cleaning: Our Services

South Dakota hood cleaning services are designed to clean your system from hood to exhaust fan and every component in between. We provide restaurants and other commercial kitchens with all of the following services:

  • Hood cleaning
  • Exhaust system cleaning
  • Commercial oven cleaning
  • Grease trap cleaning 
  • Dumpster area cleaning
  • Exhaust fan cleaning
  • Access panel installation
  • Exhaust fan hinge installation
  • Kitchen equipment cleaning
  • Filter cleaning and replacement

Every service that we offer can be performed individually, but it is much more common to have a complete system cleaning done all at once. Whether you’re required to have your commercial hood cleaning done once a month or less frequently, we can accommodate you no matter what!

Our services are designed to suit the needs of busy kitchens, so we’ll work around you whenever possible to avoid shutting your kitchen down during business hours and to stay out of the way of your hardworking staff!

Benefits of Professional Hood Cleaning

If you want a hood cleaning that will really make a difference in your commercial kitchen, call Dakota Hood Cleaning for the best guaranteed results in the area! We’re able to give every customer all of the following:

We Ensure Your Sioux Falls Restaurant Hoods Are Clean!

We remove the leftover grease, smoke, and soot that are the by-products of commercial cooking.

The floors, walls, and cooking equipment – highly visible surfaces – will look and feel much cleaner, but we’ll also give you that same level of cleanliness in areas that aren’t so obvious, like the inside of your exhaust system and behind your cooking equipment where grease and dirt like to hide.

A Cleaning Environment Because of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

When these particles are allowed to float around in the air, you and your employees will inhale them day after day. Not only is grease in the air, but allergens, pollutants, bacteria, and even mold can be present in your commercial kitchen. Your kitchen hood and filter are your first line of defense against these things, and our services are your second!

A Commercial Exhaust System That Functions Well Makes Your Kitchen Thrive!

Your commercial exhaust system will remove particles from the air as long as it’s clean. Once the filters and duct-work are at capacity, it will have to work harder to remove the unwanted substances from your kitchen. This is especially true if the exhaust fan is dirty. That’s why our services include everything from the hood to the exhaust fan!

South Dakota Hood Cleaning offers everything you need for superior clean. Call us today and see why we’re the area favorite for commercial hood cleaning and more! We also serve North Dakota Hood Cleaning regions.

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    #1 Commercial Vent Hood Cleaner in South Dakota!

    Hood Cleaning

    If you are in need of commercial vent hood cleaning in North Dakota, you have come to the right place! Our hood cleaning services are backed by over a decade of customer satisfaction!

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Your kitchen exhaust system needs to stay clear and functioning to keep your kitchen air quality clean. This requires regularly scheduled cleanings by an accredited cleaning company.

    Access Panel Installation

    We have learned if you can’t visibly see the area your trying to clean, then you can’t properly clean those hard to access areas. That is why access panels are critical for preventing kitchen fires.

    Exhaust Fan Cleaning

    You exhaust fan is a critical part of the kitchen exhaust system. Over time, grease and charcoal, can coat the fan, potentially creating a dangerous fire hazard.

    Hood Filter Cleaning

    Cleaning your hood filters regularly is the first step in keeping a kitchen exhaust system in good shape. Let us do the dirty work, and your entire system will be good as new in no time.

    Full Kitchen Cleaning

    Give your kitchen a new lease on life, and your chef will thank you for it! Having a spotless kitchen increases productivity and keeps a sanitary environment for your staff to work in.


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