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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning For Schools

As a dedicated school director, you want to prioritize the safety of your students above all else. Regularly maintaining and cleaning kitchen equipment is essential to ensure they are always safe in their cafeteria environment. Otherwise, gunk can accumulate, which could be hazardous to children – risking their health. 

Contracting an exhaust kitchen cleaning service is an excellent way to keep hoods squeaky clean, so you have peace of mind knowing your students are being cared for with the utmost safety precautions taken into consideration!

But finding the right commercial hood cleaning company can be daunting—no need to worry when you contact us at Extreme Cleaning. We take cleaning to another level. We make sure our kitchen hood cleaning service stands the test of time. Let’s get started! 

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Why You Should Get Your Kitchen Cleaned Today

Keeping your school’s kitchen hood clean is an imperative task to ensure students are protected from: 

  • Hazardous materials, such as asbestos or mold spores. 
  • Prevent respiratory illnesses and allergies from trapped dust particles in dirty ductwork. 

Ensuring that your school is regularly cleaned will not only help get rid of odors but also improve the air quality. Additionally, kitchen hood cleaning ensures they operate correctly and efficiently to reduce energy costs. 


This task shouldn’t be taken lightly; maintaining cleanliness in schools helps cultivate an ideal environment for children’s learning and development. Let’s take a look at all the professional cleaning services we provide at Extreme Cleaning.

Expert Exhaust Cleaning

Schools are bustling environments packed with students, teachers, and other personnel. To safeguard the health of everyone, it’s essential to keep a healthy level of air quality. Exhaust kitchen cleaning is a crucial component of this mission as it can eliminate dust particles, smoke, food grease, and other atmospheric pollutants.

Excellent Hood Cleaning

Are you looking to ensure the safety of your school and its students? Our trusted hood cleaning services can provide optimal peace of mind, understanding that our experts are doing their best to keep your facilities clean and hygienic. By hiring us, worry-free maintenance will be guaranteed to avoid all health risks – allowing you to relax knowing that we’ll do the job right!

Access Panel Installation

Keeping your kitchen access panel installation clean is essential to its proper upkeep. Not only does it prevent the buildup of grease and food particles that can attract pests, but it also helps keep all hardware components in good working condition for a much extended period. Regular cleaning ensures that your access panel will remain functional and protected against any potential damage or harm.

Hood Filter Cleaning

It’s essential to keep the hood filters at school squeaky clean for numerous reasons – not only because it prevents hazardous fumes from circulating in the air but also because a clogged or dirty filter can disrupt ventilation, that could cause discomfort and an increase in your energy bill. 

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Cleaning exhaust fans are essential to keeping your spaces safe and hygienic. These fans eliminate smoke, moisture, and other airborne particles from kitchens or bathrooms. If these fans are neglected, they can spread contaminants back into the living space – leading to health risks that could be avoided with proper upkeep.

Let us Assist You With a Healthy School Environment

At Extreme Cleaning, we are committed to helping you maintain a safe and healthy school environment free from air pollutants and toxic mildew. Our certified professionals specialize in deep cleaning kitchens, cafeterias, and all other food service areas – utilizing advanced technology to disinfect surfaces thoroughly. With our expert commercial hood cleaning services at your disposal, staff members and students can rest assured that their meals will be served in an impeccably sanitary setting! Getting a clean cafeteria is simple; follow these 3 steps: 

  1. Contact Us Online or By Phone 
  2. We Will Offer You A Quote 
  3. Enjoy A Clean Cafeteria 

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions; we are here to assist you!

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Welcome To Extreme Cleaning

Extreme Cleaning is a full service kitchen exhaust hood cleaning company that provides all the services you need for your commercial kitchen! We can help you improve the efficiency of your system, improve the air quality, and reduce the risk of fires with our comprehensive hood care services. Kitchen exhaust cleaning services are required by law in most cases, but in reality, they are a vital tool that protects your business, your employees, and your customers.

Our teams use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest products to give you the most effective clean possible. When we’re finished, your kitchen hoods and exhaust system will be free of grease, smoke, soot, dust, food particles, and allergens for an indoor environment that is clean, safe, and odor-free.

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